Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meißen: Porcelain, Cathedrals, and Fimmel

Yesterday, we went to Meißen, a small town outside of Dresden. There we toured the first porcelain factory in Europe. All of their porcelain is still made by hand, and we were able to see how they made it. Imagine putting all of those little flowers on that tea pot! I really wanted to get something from there, but everything in the store was ridiculously expensive. All I could afford was a postcard.

After the porcelain factory, we went to a beautiful cathedral nearby. The view across the river was incredible. We also got some Meißen Fimmel, which is an inflated piece of bread. The story behind this bread is that the Prince's messenger would always get drunk in Meißen and forget to deliver the message to Dresden. To fix this, the Prince decided to give the messenger this frail piece of bread, and if he did not arrive in Dresden with it still in tact, off with his head! Our mission was to protect our bread until we ourselves got to Dresden. Unfortunately, Eric Markwith broke his almost immediately. Later that day, waiting for the train I got so hungry that I decided to eat my bread. It bread didn't even taste that good.

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