Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tour of Dresden

Thursday night, we went to Neuestadt, which means "New City" in German. This is where most of the younger people in Dresden live, and where the big nightlife is. When we got there, we went into Paradise bar, which turned out to be a gay bar! After that, we ended up at Jim Beams, which ironically was an American bar. We then met up with the other group, and ended up at Katy's Garage, a club where we danced the night away!

Friday we had a bus tour of Dresden. The city is beautiful, especially Altstadt, the "Old City". It was freezing and snowy that day. My socks got soaked, but that's what I get for wearing clogs in the snow. I didn't think we'd be walking so much! Here are some pictures I took!

This is the top of the Museum of Fine Arts, known affectionately as the Lemon Squeezer.

This is the Frauenkirke, or Church of Our Lady. It's an Evangelist church. When it was rebuilt after the bombing, they were able to use some of the old stones. The black ones are the old sandstone, and the light ones are the new. They used technology and satellite to determine where the original stones were. Very cool!

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