Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ich spreche kein Deutsch

I finally got my internet set up. So much has happened in the past few days!

I arrived in Dresden on Monday morning, 10am. We were picked up from the airport by our RAs, and were only given enough time to drop our bags off when we arrived at our dorm. My suite is very nice, it seems to be one of the newer buildings here at TUD. I share a bathroom with my neighbor, and there are 8 of us who share the After dropping our things off, we had orientation throughout the day. My RA showed us around our area. We are right in the shopping district, which is super convenient. All I have to do is walk across the street whenever I need something! We also live within walking distance of the old city, which is the most beautiful and historic part of the city. That night we went to the Gutz, which is a student run bar in the basement of the dorm where the other BU students are staying.

The past two days have been more orientation. We went to IKEA last night to get things for our rooms. Today, we had a tour of the TUD campus, hopefully I'll remember where everything is once classes start! I'm beginning to understand the Straßenbahn, the train system here. (the ß is pronounced as ss) It's so much more efficient than the T in Boston.

Some things I have learned so far:
1. Germans are very clean, more reserved, and skinny!
2. The beer is fantastic.
3. It's difficult to order food when you don't know the language/ what you are ordering.
4. Ich spreche kein Deutsch (I don't speak German)

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