Monday, June 21, 2010

Semper Opera

On Friday June 11th, we attended an opera at the Dresden Semper Opera House. The weather was perfect: sunny and 70s. Everyone was looking mighty fine, all dressed up for the event. The opera we saw attended was called Faust. Here is a link to the plot. The opera was in French with German subtitles. Basically, it was pretty hard to follow. At the end most of us had no idea had actually happened and were shocked when we read up on the plot. Even though we had knew a little from body language and the tone of their voices what was going on, it was still really amazing to hear the voices of the singers. They were absolutely amazing. The way they could project their voices in the room without the use of a microphone was astounding. The orchestra was also phenomenal. I feel so lucky (and cultured) to have been able to attend this event.

At the end of the opera, we ended up clapping for, I swear, 10 minutes straight. The singers were a little greedy I'd say, and just kept coming back out for more applause. By the end, my hands felt like they were gonna fall off. We were so relieved when the curtain FINALLY came down. I was so sick of clapping!

Semperopera, Dresden

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